Deborah L. Humphreys

knockeven residence

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here we have
two stories
. . .out there. . .air from the cliffs
zooming through like the unleased spirit
of old testament wisdom. the specific green
of the design matches the landscape
perfect as a reading from a builder's plumb line

fences of liscannor stone border the property
thick rectangular slaps are stacked vertically
like books on a library shelf and sheets
of burren rock, a garden
where memories held for ages
find the next story

once clare cottages were dark as a wall
of september storm clouds, the only light
from uneven breaks and in the house, holes
that could never be mistaken by tax agents
for windows. to provide warmth, tenants burned
the land from under them, until the landlords relented
their taxes and this new story begins
with a house on a hill
with magnificent windows the size
and strength of home