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dowager magpies pick away at the remains

of buffet-friday supper, the week

in review et in saecula saeculorum. so much

silly talk about scarcity, one candidate

in two years. wonder what they fancy religious

life is. lots of company for their misery


i'm grateful for the present, lean times

when a woman doesn't have to wear coif and veil

to live an active life, equal to any man

i taught generations of immigrant families

brought them news of neighbors who needed care, ill

and worn with burdens of work and home


i never regretted the unfolding of each day

and evenings for weaving the common cloth

of eucharist, our vesper pleadings for peace

prayers for the sale of the land east of

rosary park and petitions slipped to saint jude

for the lottery


today, presentation day


i have been waiting for you