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From: All-Info About Poetry
Paula Bardell writes: "With humour and poignant meditation, Conventional Wisdom combines the mordant with the celebratory, the kindnes of the heart with the astringent taste of experience, and describes the shared uncertainties, desires and inborn perceptions of women everywhere."
From: Sr. Anne Denise Brennan SCNY

Sr. Anne Denise Brennan writes: "Deborah Humphreys SC presents Conventional Wisdom in an unconventional procession of flesh and blood daughters of Vincent de Paul, Louise de Marillac, and Elizabeth Ann Seton, women of our time who laugh and cry, struggle and conquer, affirm faith and express doubt, fear and risk, love and try to love.

The brilliant use of language catches the reader, causing one to see with new eyes enduring and elemental truths. One can read to enjoy; one can study characters by reading the poems about the same people or places together; one can meditate on a poem a day; one can use the insightful phrase in each as a mantra. Thus the book is both a work of art and a call to prayer and reflection."

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From: Daniel Berrigan SJ
These lively unobtrusive poems rest quietly on the heart. but their gentleness conceals a charge--they are also subversive. They summon attitudes and actions that indict a killing culture; life together, works of mercy and justice honored, amid a blundering, bloody rush to war. All power to Sister Courage, walking a mine field, peddling holy wares!